2017-18 News

  • New band leaders named at Liberty Tech

    Members of the Liberty Tech Crusaders Band will march to a different beat this school year, as Dr. Janice Epperson, principal of Liberty Technology Magnet High School, names Joshua Hayes as Director of Bands. Hayes has served as music teacher at Andrew Jackson Elementary School for the past two years.

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  • New Leader of Early Foundations announced

    Longtime Jackson-Madison County School System educator Mary Myers will take over as Leader of Early Foundations for the new school year. Myers, who currently serves as Data Coach at East Elementary, has been with the District for 16 years.

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  • New girls’ head basketball coach named at Madison Academic

    The Lady Mustangs basketball team of Madison Academic Magnet High School has a new leader. Principal Chad Guthrie has named Shekia “Kitty” Allen, a 2011 University of Memphis Sports Hall of Fame Inductee, as the new head coach of the team.

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News and Announcements

  • The BEST Academy Mission Statement

    The BEST Academy’s faculty and staff are committed to providing students with challenging behaviors, traumatic life experiences, and academic deficiencies with appropriate emotional coping skills, pastoral care, and academic enrichment through therapeutic based interventions and through ambitious teaching practices.

    The BEST Academy Vision Statement

    We, the faculty and staff of The BEST Academy are dedicated to the vision of providing pastoral care for students and their families, developing teaching practices through professional development, and the use of therapeutic interventions to promote positive thinking and choices among the students we serve.

    The BEST Academy Belief Statement

    • We believe students all students can learn, and will learn through the use of academic and therapeutic interventions designed to meet their individual needs.


    • We believe all students will be treated with respect and provided a safe place to learn.


    • We believe that the use of academic and behavioral data will drive both instruction and therapeutic care.


    • We believe communication between families and the school community is an essential component in supporting the daily success of the student.

    Professional Development Focus

    • Professional Competency: To provide training for teachers on the TEAM Evaluation rubric connecting daily instruction to the observation rubric.


    • Instructional Competency: To provide support for teachers in their personal refinement areas through professional development opportunities with the intent to build the capacity of the entire faculty/staff or to give support directly for the individual faculty or staff member.


    • Cultural Competency: To provide a supportive environment for teachers to examine their own bias and preconceived thoughts and trust the outcome will be in the best interest of The BEST Academy students.


    • Behavioral Competency: To provide information, training, and guidance in the use of therapeutic interventions to improve classroom management, behavior modification, and conflict resolution.
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Discover BEST Academy

  • North Side High School is home to the Transition Academy, a transitional program for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities. This program equips students with life skills essential to finding work and living independently, increasing their opportunities for positive outcomes in life and teaching them to "Dream big!"


    Check out the following video by HawkTv to learn more about Transition Academy and the Transition School to Work Program!

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    The goals of the Transition Academy program are simple: preparing students for home life, work life, and community life. To find out more about the Transition Academy program, contact Joyce Champion