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    Mission Statement: We, the community of Jackson Central-Merry Early College High School, are committed to empowering a diverse student body to develop and apply skills in order to pursue knowledge and become productive college students, workers, and citizens. We will accomplish this goal by designing curricula and support structures that ensure all students meet and exceed performance standards to obtain a high school diploma and multiple levels of college credit that will lead to a workforce certificate or an associate degree.

    Vision: JCM Early College High School is a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to academic excellence and integrity. We provide instruction in a caring, safe and healthy learning environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community.

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    Veterans Day Parade

    November 10 by Destiny Neldon



    Stand up and put your hands to your hearts because Veterans Day is tomorrow, November 11! To celebrate this special day Jackson Central-Merry Early College High School is participating in a parade to show our affection for the ones who fought for us. The event will be from 9:30 to 11:30 but the parade won’t start until 10:00. It will be located in downtown Jackson on the east side of the courthouse. Every student is allowed to bring any family member or friend who served to let them know that they are appreciated for what they have done. The dress attire is either ECH apparel or any patriotic clothing. Don’t be shy to come down and march with us to welcome the veterans with open arms. They gave us freedom so why can’t we give them love?

    Location: Downtown Jackson 314 Main St., Jackson, TN  38301


    October Newsletter 


    JCM Early College High Teacher Wins National Contest

    October 26 by Destiny Neldon

    Ms. Williams


    Cassandra Williams, a new algebra and geometry teacher at Jackson Central-Merry Early College High School, recently entered a back to school contest on a website entitled Share My Lesson (SML). Ms. Williams used SML to pull lesson plans, projects, and ideas from other teachers around the world. Luckily for her, she was one of three to win a virtual gift card which greatly surprised and shocked the math teacher, considering she didn’t expect to win. She explained that entering the contest was “like a lottery” where you expect not to win anything but try anyway. Ms. Williams plans to use her gift card to buy classroom and student supplies online. This win opened an opportunity for her to get supplies she’s been needing and not waste a bunch of time gathering them.

    One recent project Ms. Williams has done is a pamphlet that covers most of the geometry and algebra lessons she will go over:  an all-in-one document. Ms. Williams got this idea from a book entitled Outstanding Math Guides that she decided to get after seeing another teacher with it. Ms. Williams is a kind and wonderful person and teacher and I believe she deserved the great gift that SML has given her. So if you see Ms. Williams tell her congratulations on winning the contest and express how much you appreciate her being here to help you learn.


    JCM Early College High Art Exhibit at Jackson Madison County General Hospital

    Student Art Work

    Student Art Work

    Student Art Work


    Fourteen students have artwork displayed in the hall near the cafeteria. Please go and see the excellent display and support our art program.  


     Wreath Ceremony Arlington National Cemetery


     September Newsletter 


      Mr. Simpson Educator of the Week


     San Francisco Trip/Coding/DevCatalyst Video1



     August Newsletter


    JCM-ECH Students are now JSCC students!!!

    Monday, August 28.  Our students & staff cheer on our students departing for JSCC this morning.  




    JCM-ECH Rockstar Cinque Peggs


    Our very own Cinque Peggs spent part of his summer creating a new website for the Jackson Madison County library with three other top coders from West Tennessee.  Cinque was also the recipient of an all-expense paid trip to San Francisco earlier this summer along with fellow JCM-ECH students Ashley Crump and Kiya Garmon.  These three JCM-ECH students were among an elite 23 (out of several hundred who competed) who were awarded this trip.  Ashley, Cinque, and Kiya were chosen based on their excellent websites, outstanding video interviews, and teacher grade.  These Coding Cougars impressed the judges with not only their coding skills, but with the Cougar spirit of professionalism and respect Early College High students are known for.  The competition/trip was sponsored by the DevCatalyst program and theCO.  (DevCatalyst website) This trip included personal tours of major tech companies such as FaceBook and LindkedIn.  As we say in Coding class, "Peace, Love, Rock & Code".

    JMC reads


    Student Dev Team





    San Francisco Trip








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    Welcome to Jackson, Tennessee! Home of Blue Suede Shoes, Rockabilly and great barbecue! Also, Jackson is home to the Jackson-Madison County School System. In 2016, our Jackson-Madison County Schools are home to over 13,000 students that speak over 17 languages from very diverse backgrounds. Our district is home to nine elementary schools, three K-8 schools, four middle schools, three traditional high schools, one magnet high school and one early college high school.

    Additionally, our district is also home to one Pre-K Center for the youngest citizens ages 2-4. Spend time visiting our school websites to see the unique educational offerings each school provides to the students of the Jackson-Madison County area.