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    The facilities at Andrew Jackson Elementary School are a circular pod design constructed in 1968. The school is located in the north-central area of the city of Jackson on approximately 20 acres of gently sloping land and is adjacent to a City of Jackson practice baseball field. The building consists of five circular pods which surround the library/media center and auxiliary classrooms. An annex building houses six classrooms as well as a gym/multi-purpose room. In addition, two portable buildings houses a fourth grade classroom and Music.

    Our goal at Andrew Jackson Elementary School is to prepare students to achieve academically and maintain a positive mental outlook on life while building high self-esteem while learning the fundamental skills of academic achievement. To accomplish this, the core curriculum at Andrew Jackson Elementary School includes Reading with the components of Balanced Literacy, English, Spelling, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. In addition to these basic subjects, we offer several enrichment courses including physical education, music, art, computer technology, library, and guidance. Further opportunities include Reading Intervention classes, Math Intervention classes, special education classes, gifted programs such as GEMS, English as a Second Language (ESL), and a tutoring program.

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  • Teacher Of The Year 2016-2017

    Andrew Jackson Elementary is proud to have Ms. Debbie Taylor as the 2016-17 Teacher of the Year. 

    NEU - No Excuses University

    At Andrew Jackson, we believe all students are college-bound. Students know that college is expected and not simply a dream for them. The faculty and staff at Andrew Jackson truly support a culture of universal achievement and strive daily to share this mission with students, parents, and the community. We have solicited university and community support, learned graduation dates, decorated our classrooms and halls in university colors and mascots.

    Students have their photographs displayed in their college colors as well as graduation cap and gowns. All classrooms love to share their college fight songs over the intercom. Of course, the highlight of the week is Friday College Day when students, faculty, and staff wear their college colors proudly!

    Andrew Jackson Elementary School is one of two schools in the state of Tennessee. A re-application process is required yearly. If you would like to learn more about ""No Excuses University"", please refer to the link that is on our school's webpage. http://noexcusesu.com/"

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    Welcome to Jackson, Tennessee! Home of Blue Suede Shoes, Rockabilly and great barbecue! Also, Jackson is home to the Jackson-Madison County School System. In 2016, our Jackson-Madison County Schools are home to over 13,000 students that speak over 17 languages from very diverse backgrounds. Our district is home to nine elementary schools, three K-8 schools, four middle schools, three traditional high schools, one magnet high school and one early college high school.

    Additionally, our district is also home to one Pre-K Center for the youngest citizens ages 2-4. Spend time visiting our school websites to see the unique educational offerings each school provides to the students of the Jackson-Madison County area.