JMCSS Dual Enrollment Information

    • Taking a dual enrollment class is completely a student's choice. However, they must meet the accrediting college's requirements to participate in a dual enrollment class. 


    • Tennessee offers a grant to eligible students if they participate in a dual enrollment class. If the accrediting college for dual enrollment is JSCC, the grant covers the complete cost for dual enrollment classes provided that the student meets the guidelines for eligibility. 


    • Dual enrolled and regular enrolled students are often taking the same class at the same time. Additional assignments, assessments, and other work are often required for the awarding of college credit. 


    • Students who fulfill all requirements for the accrediting institution will receive high school credit and college credit.


    • Most dual enrollment classes are taught by JMCSS employees; however, some dual enrollment classes are taught by an adjunct employee of the accrediting college. On occasion, if a qualified JMCSS employee is not available, there are other options which may include distance learning, students attending class at the accrediting college, or a full-time college faculty member may come to the participating high school.


    • JMCSS has a written agreement with the accrediting college approved by the Board of Education for all dual enrollment classes.


    • Students who participate and complete the requirements of a dual enrollment class earn high school and college credit. 


    For more information about dual enrollment classes, please see your school's counselor.