About Us

  • Parkview Learning Center is the alternative learning center for JMCSS students. Students who attend PLC are still enrolled in their school of record during their placement at PLC. They remain at PLC until they earn the number of points given to them as a consequence of their actions and choices. Determining the number of points each student must earn is the responsibility of the Disciplinary Hearing Board. 


    During their time at PLC, students will focus on learning the principles of consistency, accountability, and respect in addition to their academic pathways. The goal of Parkview Learning Center is to send students back to their home schools with the tools for handling situations correctly, so that they learn to be productive citizens in their future environmnets. 


    Parkview Learning Center: Changing Attitudes & Behaviors One Day at a Time

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    905 East Chester

    Jackson, TN 38301

Dress Code

    • Khaki pants
    • No jeans, shorts, cargo pants
    • Solid white or black polo-style shirt (no logo)
    • Tennis shoes, solid black, solid white, or black and white
    • Belt required