• Destination Imagination (DI) is a global educational nonprofit dedicated to inspiring the next generation of innovators, leaders and creative problem solvers.

    Destination Imagination applies a unique pedagogy to bring our educational experiences to life. Our principles include:

    • Ultimate Learner Ownership
    • Resource Awareness
    • Clarifying Questions
    • Authentic Self-Expression
    • Rapid Ideation & Implementation

    This entirely learner-focused methodology empowers students to take the lead and provides a framework within which they can take risks and learn from failure. DI participants become lifelong problem solvers who are inspired to innovate creative solutions to real-world challenges quickly and collaboratively.

    Problem solving, team building, and a respect for others and their ideas are at the foundation of all of our Challenges.

    Contact one of our school DI sponsors:

    Mr. Sam Rhodes, strhodes@jmcss.org

    Mrs. Mary Beth Eberle, mbeberle@jmcss.org


NMS Destination Imagination