Pay Online with School Cash Online

  • Click here to make payments with School Cash Online. Jackson-Madison County School System uses School Cash Online for online payments. This is a safe, simple, and secure way for parents to pay for field trips, before and after care, yearbooks, athletic fees, and more. All JMCSS schools offer School Cash Online as their preferred payment method for student fees.


    To use the system, parents can set up an individual account at Payments can be made by eCheck and Credit Card (Visa or Mastercard). School Cash Online integrates with PowerSchool to allow parents and guardians easy access to make payments related to any of their children, regardless of what school they attend.



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Online Payment FAQs

  • Can each parent/guardian have a separate account?

  • What methods of payment are available?

  • What is eCheck?

  • I did not receive an email notification as part of the account registration process. What do I do?

  • I am trying to purchase an item, but it is not listed. What should I do?

  • Are refunds available?

  • I paid for an item online, but now my child is no longer attending or no longer requires the item. How do I obtain a refund for that item?

  • Why can’t I attach my child to my account?

  • How many items can I pay for at one time?

  • Is the School Cash Online software secure?

  • Do I need to re-register a student that moves to a different school?

  • I received a rejected payment notification email, what do I do?