Department of Innovation

  • Reimaging Time, Space, Modes of Learning, and Partnerships in education to ensure JMCSS schools meet the needs of the 21st Century Learning Community. 

    Objective: To identify innovative practices in academia and industry to bring opportunities to the Jackson-Madison County School System. The department is tasked to reimagine school, including rethinking the time, space, modes of learning, and partnerships related to student learning. These concepts are central to the department's WHEN, WHERE, HOW, and WHO. Helping students dream BIG is our WHY!

    The Innovation Impact Institutes are a grant-funded program directed by the Department of Innovation. The Institutes provide authentic learning experiences with work-based learning opportunities for students in Madison County. Each Institute will help bridge gaps in knowledge and skills for career readiness and post-secondary preparation through workforce development strategies.


    The Innovative Impact Institutes are funded by the Tennessee Department of Education Innovative High Schools Models program.


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Reimaging Education While Preparing Students for their Future

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