• Welcome to weCARE: Period 3

    We appreciate your immense participation in the first two periods. Period 3 is now underway and will conclude May 31st. Please note the information below: 

    • All activities should be entered in MyBenefitsChannel for Period 3 between April 1st - May 31st to get accurate credits for  payout. You will not receive credit for anything entered outside of those dates.
    • Activities highlighted in yellow on the Activities Menu document will require additional documentation to receive the payout. Use the weCARE Activity Verification 2023-2024 Form located on the weCARE homepage to upload documents.
    • If you get an error message when trying to access the weCARE Activity Verification 2023-2024 Form, try logging in using another device or network off JMCSS campus.
    • No personal information should be shared as verification. Examples include receipts, appointment cards, certificates, etc.


    The weCARE page on the district website contains resources, so please visit for updates. Let's continue healthy habits! Visit Let's Talk at www.jmcss.org for any additional questions or concerns.

  • weCARE

  • What is weCARE? 

    weCARE is an incentivized staff wellness initiative that encourages staff to maximize physical activity, self-care, health, and nutrition. 


    How does weCARE work? 

    Participants will have the opportunity to select activities to earn credits. 


    • Staff can earn up to 800 credits ($800)by the end of SY 2024. 

    • Each credit is equal to a dollar value (i.e., 5 credits = $5.00). 

    • MAX: activities from four (4) domains                  MIN: activities from two (2) domains 

    • Three payouts will be available throughout the school year to promote ongoing wellness. 

    • Fidelity checks: Certificates, self-certifying, receipts, appointment cards, etc.  

    • All tracking, monitoring, documenting, and reporting will be accessed through the MyBenefitsChannel portal and the weCARE Activity Verification 2023-2024 Form.

Review weCARE How to Guide Document Below

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

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