• School Safety in Jackson-Madison County 



    The safety of our students and staff is top priority of the Jackson-Madison County School System and School Board. Our district annually reviews established safety protocols to improve safety for students, employees and visitors to our campuses. Our district seeks to establish and enforce safety and security policies, accident prevention efforts, fire safety, emergency management, asset protection, parking control and traffic enforcement programs.

    Through a partnership with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department, all JMCSS high schools and middle schools have a School Resource Officer, SRO, in the building each school day. Each of our 23 school campuses and our District Office have a crisis plan in place and adhere to requirements for annual drills to ensure our students and staff know how to respond if a crisis situation were to occur. 


    Campus Visitors 

    JMCSS has implemented a secure visitor check-in system, Raptor, in all of our schools. Any visitor must have a valid driver’s license or state ID in order to pick up a child or enter a school. All of our office staff members have been trained and are required to turn anyone away that does not have a valid ID. Our district goal is to provide a safe environment for our students.  This system is in effect immediately. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we transition to this new system.


    Campus Emergencies

    Should a campus emergency occur during the school day, families of students will be notified through an all-call by school or district personnel. The all-call will be sent as soon as possible, but only after facts are gathered and accurate information can be shared. During campus emergencies, it may be impossible for school staff to answer phone calls or respond to emails. Please, know in these difficult times, we will work as quickly as possible to make sure you are informed about the safety of your students.