• Coding Students take San Francisco!



    Jackson-Madison County students participating in high school coding classes were invited to attend the “Awardaganza” at the CO on April 21, 2017.  This is the fourth year for this program in Jackson-Madison County Schools.  The program began as a pilot program with just a handful of students and began as a Coding Club.  The program has evolved into an elective class study for JMCSS high schoolers.  In just four short years, the program has grown to include 700 students in 22 schools! 




    Each year at the conclusion of the school year, students are selected based on their achievements in the program to take a week-long trip to San Francisco, California.  While there they tour facilities that include Facebook, Google and LinkedIn while they also take in the sights and sounds of the area.  This trip is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many of our students and maybe the first time some have the opportunity to travel beyond the state.  Pictured below is this year’s group winners and their instructors.  Also listed below are the names and schools represented by JMCSS winners in several categories and well as trip winners.



    Advanced Web Development -  Sumeja Hrnjic – Madison Academic


    App Development – Aleya Adams – Madison Academic

                                       Shelby Larson – Madison Academic


    Raspberry Pi Projects – Fall – Madison Academic Team

                                            Spring – Madison Academic Team


    Dev Catalyst Scholars – (students completing Dev Catalyst Program) –

    Aleya Adams               Madison Academic

    Alyssa Gowan             Madison Academic

    Ashkan Neshagaran   Madison Academic

    Chynese Harris           Madison Academic

    Knox Cavitt                 Liberty Technology

    Shelby Larson             Madison Academic


    Top 10 Code Champions

    Ashley Crump             JCM Early College High

    Bethany Datuin          Madison Academic

    Jacob Gowan              Madison Academic


    Code Leaders

    Cinque Peggs              JCM Early College High

    John R. Colon II           Madison Academic

    Kaitlyn Hardin             Madison Academic

    Robert Yin                   Madison Academic

    Tiwong Nance, Jr.        Madison Academic

    Tyshaa Robertson      Liberty Technology


    The Rhodes Barnette Innovative Educator Award

    Vicki Deloach              Madison Academic


    Top Coding Teachers

    Linda Thomason         JCM Early College High


    Dev Catalyst Champion School

    Madison Academic Magnet High School