About North Parkway Middle School

  • Mission and Vision

    Mission Statement: North Parkway Middle School is dedicated to providing the highest quality of education for ALL students while promoting a safe environment through fostering relationships with students, families and our community.


    Vision: Every student at N.P.M.S. will achieve academic growth annually with effective instruction, parent, and student involvement.


    A student centered environment rich in opportunities and challenges!

    The mission of North Parkway Middle School is to nurture, challenge, and encourage our students to excel in an environment conducive to growth and academic success. The staff here at NPMS is dedicated to providing a structured and rigorous academic program, while also encouraging our students to participate in one or more of our many extra-curricular activities. We offer a comprehensive academic program which aims to challenge students in the classroom, on the fields of athletic competition, and in the areas of fine arts and technology. Our goal is to prepare students to take their next successful steps in becoming college and career ready, as well as nurturing them in their social and emotional journey towards adulthood in a caring and attentive environment. We believe it is the parent’s responsibility to monitor their child’s academic progress and our door is always open to discuss and work together towards a successful outcome for each child. We will prepare our students to be problem solvers, mathematicians, writers, inventors, singers, public speakers, athletes, historians, and debaters. Our students will be held accountable for appropriate behavior, following school wide rules and expectations, being prepared for class, and addressing adults with respect.  We are dedicated to meeting each student right where they are on their journey and encourage, drive and push them to new heights and accomplishments. We are continually striving for excellency, every day, every child, every class…our Panthers ROAR with success!


    School Colors and Mascot 

    Our school colors are CAROLINA BLUE and RED. Our mascot is Panthers. 


    PIE Partners

    Our Partners in Education (PIE Partners) are: 

    • Davidson Titles 
    • AT&T 
    • Campbell Street Church of Church 
    • Serra Chevrolet 
    • H&M Construction 
    • DET Distributing 
    • Omega Psi Phi - Theta Iota Chapter 
    • The Gap 
    • Hooper Timber Company




    North Parkway Middle School first opened in 1973 serving students in grades 7, 8, and 9. The first principal was John Werthing. With the consolidation of the Jackson City Schools and Madison County School it became a middle school in 1992. George Freeman was named principal. In 2003, a new administration made the move toward intermediate schools. NPMS then became North Parkway Elementary School and then North Parkway Magnet Elementary. While it was an elementary school, Estelle Davis and Versie Hamlett were both principals at North Parkway. The district decided on a change back towards the middle school philosophy and North Parkway Magnet was once again, North Parkway Middle School. Tracey Vowell was named principal of the “new” school in 2010. It now accommodates 6th, 7th and 8th grades. 



    School Plan

    Click here for our school's Title I School Compact.

    Click here for our school's Title I Parent and Community Engagement Plan.   


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