About South Elementary

  • Welcome to South Elementary, the home of the Mustangs!

    South is a community school where students learn and grow together.We value the individuality of each child, which leads us to meet each student right where they are, in order to help them reach their fullest potential.The instruction your child will receive at South is data-driven and technology-based. We utilize district and site-based assessments to monitor the ongoing progress of our students.We are thankful for strong parent and community support, especially as demonstrated by our PTO.We host a variety of events throughout the year for our students, parents, and the community. Fall Festival, Veterans' Day,and Family Literacy Night are some of our favorite. Additionally, we are a "Gold Rewards School" recognized nationally by the Alliance for Healthier Generations, and we strive to incorporate physical fitness and healthy choices into each classroom.

    Mission and Vision

    Mission Statement: South Elementary will provide a positive and caring learning environment where all students are challenged to reach their full potential. We will provide high-quality academic instruction to meet the needs of all students as we develop critical thinkers. A passion for learning will be modeled so as to inspire each student to become a life-long learner. 


    Vision: Our vision at South Elementary is to be a school of high expectations and academic excellence in a positive learning environment. All students will experience success and achieve at least a year's growth on state assessments as they develop knowledge for college. 

  • School Colors and Mascot 

    Our school colors are RED and WHITE. Our mascot is the mustang horse. 

    Our students are proud to be called mustangs! They may be small, but just like the mustang horse, they are known to be strong and smart. Each day they are learning new things which will help them to be safe and successful on the trails of life, just as a mustang would help a cowboy on oftentimes treacherous trails.


    PIE Partners

    Our Partners in Education (PIE Partners) are Four Season's Nursery, Simmons Bank, Basell, Lowe's, South Wal-Mart, and R & J Feed.  



    South Elementary was established in 1990-1991 because of the physical conditions of J.B. Young and Pinson schools. There were inner-city students and faculty as well as some of J.B. Young and Pinson that merged to make up the faculty/staff and student body of South Elementary. The staff selected the mustang horse as the mascot.

    The mustang was a strong, small horse that was the earliest and favorite horse used by the American cowboys. The mustangs were smaller than average horses , but had greater endurance. They were very smart horses and highly valued by the cowboy, whose most precious possession in frontier days was his horse. A cowboy's horse not only served as his means of transportation but also was responsible for keeping him safe on often treacherous trails and was essential in helping him make a living as a cowhand.

    South Elementary students are proud to be called "mustangs!" They are also smaller than some other people but are known to be strong and smart. Each day they are learning new things which will help them to be safe and successful on the trails of life.


    School Plan

    Click here for our school's Title I School Compact.  

    Click here for our school's Title I Parent and Community Engagement Plan.  


Fast Facts

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