• Kathy Foster-Librarian


  • Welcome to the Arlington Library! Our library is open to all the students, parents, and faculty of Arlington Elementary. Several community groups use our library as well for meetings with students and community members. On our webpage, we would like to introduce visitors to our school and library. We hope that the information here is helpful and answers any questions that you may have.


    Arlington Library Mission Statement

    The mission of our library is to provide:

    · Access to books so that students can read 20 minutes every day at school and at home.

    · Encouragement for students to read and grow as lifelong learners.

    · Support for staff members with materials that will help students achieve their literacy goals.

    · Instruction that will reinforce standards that are being taught in the classroom.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How can my child look to see if a book is in the library?

    You and your child can directly access our Online Card Catalog (OPAC). Go to Click on Arlington Elementary. Click on Display. Then, type in the author’s name, subject, or title in the search box to find the book that you are looking for. *Underneath each title is a number that tells you if the book is available that day.


    What books is my child allowed to check out?

    Students can check out fiction, nonfiction, and bilingual books. Students check out books once every two weeks when their class visits the library but are encouraged to exchange books sooner if needed so that they can read more books.


    What other materials can my child read while in the library?

    Students have access to Reference books such as encyclopedias, atlases, books about Colonial America, the Civil War, Flags of the World, Inventions and Inventors, and books about Famous Americans. They are also encouraged to look at magazines such as Ranger Rick, Stone Soup, and National Geographic for Kids. Teachers has access to many more materials which are used regularly in classrooms.


    What happens when my child loses or damages his/her library book?

    If a student loses a library book or damages a book so that it can’t be checked out again, a letter will be sent home asking parents to pay for the book so that a new one can be purchased to replace the missing copy. If the book is damaged and can be repaired, the student will be allowed to check out another book.


    What else does my child do in the library?

    After teaching students library procedures and rules, the librarian teaches reading skills based on the TN Reading Standards for the appropriate grade level. Students earn prizes and receive class rewards for following rules and procedures.


    What does our library do to promote reading?

    Our library provides access to books so that our students can read 20 minutes at home or school which research has proved helps students stay on track academically. Our library also provides support to teachers in the classroom with resources. Teachers can request the purchase of items that they need. If funds are available, the library will buy that item to be checked out through the library.

    Last year, the library promoted reading by introducing and encouraging students to participate in the Sky Zone reading program, Jackson Reads Millions program, Literacy Nights and the MyOn online library. All of these programs encouraged students to read and to earn prizes for doing so.


    How does my child read books in MyOn?

    Our school has access to MyOn. Students can use computers, tablets, and phones to read in MyOn which is an online library. MyOn has over 5,000 books. Most have a read aloud feature that students enjoy. Each student has a username and password which is available from their homeroom teacher. Students can log in and build a book list, take reading assessments, and read exciting stories. Students and classes that read the most minutes on MyOn receive prizes from the library. The website is

    *If you do not have internet access, you can download books to your device at a business that has free wifi so that your child can read them at home.