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About Us

  • The Parkview Prep Academy is a behavior intervention program for K-5 students that seeks to support behavior, emotional, and social transition for students with challenging behavior. The program is designed to integrate academic and behavior support utilizing a therapeutic model that focuses on helping students to regulate their emotions, change inappropriate behaviors, and feel more in control of their environment.


    In addition to the regular academic curriculum, PATHS and Mindfulness Curriculum are used for social/emotional and trauma-informed practices. By integrating behavior support into the learning environment, the faculty and staff at Parkview Prep Academy work with their students to reduce aggressive behavior by promoting emotional and social competence. 



Our Vision

  • Mission Statement

    The B.E.S.T. Academy's faculty and staff are committed to providing students with challenging behaviors, traumatic life experiences, and academic deficiencies with appropriate emotional coping skills, pastoral care, and academic enrichment through therapeutic-based interventions and through ambitious teaching practices. 


    Vision Statement

    We, the faculty and staff of the B.E.S.T. Academy, are dedicated to the vision of providing pastoral care for students and their families, developing teaching practices through professional development, and the use of therapeutic interventions to promote positive thinking and choices among the students we serve.


    Belief Statement

    We believe all students can learn and will learn through the use of academic and therapeutic interventions designed to meet their individual needs.


    We believe all students will be treated with respect and provided a safe space to learn.


    We believe that the use of academic and behavioral data will drive both instruction and therapeutic care. 


    We believe communication between families and the school community is an essential component in supporting the daily success of the student. 

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    905 East Chester

    Jackson, TN 38301

Referral Process

  • All referrals for B.E.S.T. Academy are handled through a recommendation from the student's home school. For more information, please contact your school's guidance counselor.