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Principals join Superintendent King for community outreach at RIFA

RIFA volunteer day

Volunteer hours strengthen Snack Backpack and senior staples programs

JACKSON, Tenn. Principals in the Jackson-Madison County School System have started a new holiday tradition. Along with Superintendent Dr. Marlon King and his executive team, 26 lead administrators volunteered at RIFA on Thursday, November 17 to address food insecurity over the Thanksgiving holiday among local youth and senior citizens.

“I hope this activity shows the Jackson community that we have a coach, our leader, Dr. King, that wants us to influence our entire community. Not just children, but those who love and impact children alongside us,” Denmark principal Dr. Kimberly Quinn said.

During time typically reserved for Senior Leadership, a weekly administrative and professional development meeting with Dr. King, principals filled hundreds of bags with food items for the Snack Backpack program as well as hundreds of boxes filled with staple food items for senior citizens.

“It was really special because we were able to give back to the community and to our students. This is just an extension of the culture we’ve built over the past two years. It’s important to Dr. King and it’s important to us,” West Bemis Middle School principal Mr. Richard Willis said.

“The future of our school system is truly limitless. As our population expands in West Tennessee, so will the options and opportunities for our children and those working in the schools to serve them. We all have grown together under Dr King's leadership,” said Pope School principal Ms. Tracy Vowell.

RIFA offers volunteer opportunities throughout the year. To assist RIFA with community outreach, soup kitchen, thrift store, or food bank efforts, contact the staff via email or call 731-427-7963.