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Approaching Evaluation Deadlines

Approaching Evaluation Deadlines and Observation Pacing Requirements


Audience: Director of Schools, Instructional Supervisors, School Leaders, Observers

Please be mindful of the following evaluation related deadlines shared on the TEAM timeline

  Completion           Date               




June 8, 2021 

Enter final observations
(including professionalism),
available achievement measures, and alternative growth measures
to portfolio data into TNCompass, and conduct summative conferences. 


 Administrator     evaluators               
Teacher evaluators

TNCompass User Guide

Guidance on Summative Conferences 

Alternative Growth Measure Import 

June 8, 2021   

Finalize partial year
exemptions (PYE) and
enter in TNCompass. 

Evaluation configurators 

Partial Year Exemption Guidance 

June 15, 2021 

Upload all observation data managed by third party
vendors into TNCompass. 

Evaluation configurators 

TNCompass User Guide