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Jackson Reads Millions - Saturday Readers Club!


Join our Saturday Readers Club at the Jackson-Madison County Library!

Join volunteers from the Jackson-Madison County School System and our community each Saturday beginning January 28th from 10 am – 12 pm.  Volunteers will be available to assist students with selecting books, reading books and verifying participation to receive credit toward reading 1 Million Words in the Jackson Reads Millions Campaign! Join us in the Children’s Section at the Jackson-Madison County Library at 433 East Lafayette Street each Saturday. 
Jackson Reads Millions is a district-wide reading initiative designed to promote literacy.  We are challenging every member of our Jackson-Madison County School System community to read at least a million words each year.  The idea is a simple one.  Research indicates that the more students read the better readers they become.  Reading achievement is directly related to the volume of reading students do.  In fact, the practice of reading helps people of all ages to improve their reading skills and become more knowledgeable.  
Jackson Reads Millions will involve more than just JMCSS students and staff.  For students to reach their million word goal, they will need to spend time reading both at school and at home.  They will need the help of parents, guardians family members and the entire Jackson community encouraging them to read, read, read!  We hope to grow Jackson Reads Millions into a city-wide initiative.  To help students achieve their goal of reading a million words, JMCSS is developing partnerships with a variety of community-based organizations and literacy programs.