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L.O.O.P. Creates Long Term Success for Students

JACKSON, TN - As the school year draws to a close, some students who participated in Jackson-Madison County Schools' L.O.O.P. (Local Options and Opportunities Program) will graduate with jobs. Along with their school work, students spent the spring semester working half a day at Stanley Black & Decker or TBDN. Their hard work paid off as both companies offered full or part time work to students starting in May.


This news comes on the heels of the expansion of the L.O.O.P. for the 2019-2020 school year, where Delta and BlueScope Buildings will join Stanley Black & Decker, TBDN, Old Country Store and Gourmet Your Way in providing work experience to students. "We are excited to see more students interested in the program, and companies willing to partner with us to allow those students to gain the experience," said Jennifer Barham, JMCSS' Career and Technical Education Supervisor.


JMCSS anticipates placing forty students in partner companies for half of the day next year. This is more than twice as many students than those participating in 2018-2019. "It's catching student and community attention," said Dr. Eric Jones, JMCSS Superintendent. "And we are excited to see the long-term impacts of this work."


Students are excited to start work so soon after graduation and have some security for their immediate future. Kylan Freeman, a senior at Liberty said,"It means a lot for me to be working full time at Stanley Black & Decker. I like everything about what I do, how I help out, and how I learn new stuff everyday. I appreciate Black & Decker for giving me this opportunity."