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JMCSS Announces School Level Leadership for 2019-2020

JACKSON, TN – The new school year will bring some changes in leadership at Jackson-Madison County Schools.  The following list includes all school leadership assignments for the 2019-20 school year. An asterisk (*) indicates a change. 


 New assistant principals and principals

Alexander Elementary

  • Carolyn Caldwell, Principal
  • Veronica Sesson, Instructional Coach*
  • Sondra Cox, Consulting Teacher*


Andrew Jackson Elementary

  • Ramonica Dorsey, Principal
  • Jennifer Wells, Assistant Principal
  • Sonja Turner, Instructional Coach


Arlington Elementary

  • Kippi Jordan, Principal
  • Shemon Reaves, Assistant Principal
  • Priscilla Duvall, Instructional Coach


BEST Academy

  • Janet Gore, Academic Coordinator


Community Montessori K-8

  • Melinda Harris, Principal
  • Jessica Donnell, Academic Coordinator


Denmark Elementary

  • Kim Quinn, Principal
  • Jennifer Stanfield, Instructional Coach


East Elementary

  • Amanda Brabham, Principal*
  • Tiffany Hays, Assistant Principal*
  • Crystal Seymour, Instructional Coach*


Isaac Lane Elementary

  • Richard Willis, Principal
  • Beverly Cannon, Assistant Principal
  • Theresa Yenawine, Instructional Coach


JCM Early College High

  • Nathan Lewis, Principal
  • Shannon Davis, Academic Coordinator


Jackson Career & Technology

  • James Walker, Principal
  • Trina Leasure, Assistant Principal
  • Leslie Wolfe, Instructional Coach
  • Ray Yancy, Consulting Teacher


Liberty Technology High

  • Brad Barnett, Principal*
  • Mitzi Kirk, Assistant Principal
  • Joseph Grapes, Assistant Principal
  • Donald Hornbuckle, Assistant Principal
  • Jennifer Ballard, Assistant Principal*
  • Teresa Sutherland, Instructional Coach
  • Sonya Washington, Consulting Teacher*


Lincoln Elementary

  • LaDonna Braswell, Principal
  • Karri Collier, Instructional Coach*
  • Annie Atkins, Consulting Teacher*


Madison Academic High

  • Chad Guthrie, Principal
  • Frankie Spearman-Taylor, Assistant Principal


North Parkway Middle

  • Tiffany Taylor, Principal
  • Lillie Treadway, Assistant Principal*
  • Tony Ivery, Assistant Principal*
  • Brooke Hall, Instructional Coach
  • Antonio Graham, Consulting Teacher*
  • King David Rush, Consulting Teacher


Northeast Middle

  • Michael Morris, Principal
  • Kyle Lutz, Assistant Principal
  • Bill Arnold, Assistant Principal
  • Portia Murphy, Academic Coordinator*
  • Michelle York, Consulting Teacher*


North Side High

  • Jason Bridgeman, Principal
  • Mia Moore, Assistant Principal
  • Dione Springfield, Assistant Principal
  • Glen Paschall, Assistant Principal
  • Sharon Theus, Instructional Coach


Nova Early Learning Center                            

  • Tisa Day, Principal


Pope Elementary

  • Tracey Vowell, Principal
  • Terrance Morris, Assistant Principal
  • Kristin Peachey, Instructional Coach


Rose Hill K-8

  • Teresa McSweeney, Principal
  • Melissa Helton, Assistant Principal
  • Jeannette Coleman, Instructional Coach


South Elementary

  • Scott Nelson, Principal
  • Delisa Alsup, Instructional Coach


South Side High

  • Anita Tucker, Principal
  • Shari Baldwin, Assistant Principal
  • Craig McNatt, Assistant Principal
  • Casshawndra Sain, Assistant Principal
  • Kristy Sherrod, Instructional Coach


Thelma Barker Elementary

  • Tim Gilmer, Principal
  • Linsey Pickens, Assistant Principal
  • Mia Neely, Assistant Principal*
  • Taneth Gander, Instructional Coach*


Transition Academy (Housed within North Side)

  • Joyce Champion, Coordinator


West Bemis Middle

  • David Wicker, Principal
  • Adam Peachey, Assistant Principal
  • Sandra Spencer, Instructional Coach*