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Isaac Lane Exceeds Expectations


JACKSON, TN – State test data from the 2018-2019 school year indicates that Isaac Lane Elementary exceeded growth expectations. “Isaac Lane exceeded the growth expectations for Math after a second full year of the implementation of the Eureka Math curriculum and exceeded the growth expectation after one year of implementing the Expeditionary Learning in third grade. The growth also comes at the conclusion of the first, full year implementation of the instructional framework which is used for coaching and supporting teachers. The gains we made were very exciting and encouraging and will be instrumental in ensuring a successful future for our students,” stated Tiffany Newbill, Third Grade Teacher at Isaac Lane.


Principal Richard Willis attributes this improvement to an aligned curriculum and teachers being given the opportunity to participate in collaborative planning and be trained how to properly implement the curriculum. “The improvements Isaac Lane saw this past school year are attributed to all of the hard-working students, staff members, and the overwhelming amount of support we’ve received from the district level. It was a collective effort that we are working hard to maintain this school year,” Willis stated. 


Isaac Lane’ success is just one of several schools in Jackson-Madison County this year and they know that this is just the beginning. Consistency and continued support for teachers will maximize opportunities for students to be successful throughout their school career in JMCSS and beyond.


 Isaac Lane Elementary exceeded growth expectations in 2018-2019!