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JMCSS Celebrates Two Reward Schools

JACKSON, TN – Annually, the state recognizes schools who have shown growth and achievement scores in the top five percent of all schools in the state.  The 2018-19 data indicates that Jackson-Madison County Schools (JMCSS) has two reward schools: Community Montessori and Madison Academic.  Both schools have had two years of level five status and are proud to have achieved this consistency which is an incredible testament to the hard work of students and staff.


“As a classroom teacher I feel that the curriculum, collaboration between teachers, and quality support from our school administration were all factors that impacted the improvements that we made that, in turn, increased the quality of instruction and the growth of our students,” stated Ontonio Reedy, Math and Science teacher at Community Montessori.  “As we incorporated the district curriculum with our Montessori philosophy, collaboration and support was vital. As teachers, we could not have accomplished this individually. Together we studied the new curriculum in order to adapt and correlate it to our Montessori environment and our school administration provided the help and support to do that.”


It is evident that staff at both schools do not rest on their accomplishments, but continue to raise the bar of expectations in order to refine their work and set higher goals for themselves and for their students.  Additionally, this type of achievement only occurs with all stakeholders working together for a common goal.  Molly Coffman, English teacher at Madison Academic states that this, “affirms that our hard work and commitment as a community produces tangible results, paving the way for student success…in college and beyond.”


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