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Introducing: Roadmap to New Normal Initiative

A message from Dr. King:


Moving forward we have decided to provide a Roadmap for our School New Normal Initiative to have a one-stop-shop to house all of the information around our plan. Currently, the Roadmap has all of the information that has been presented thus far. The Roadmap is our way of being transparent and communicating with stakeholders as often as possible as we navigate these unprecedented times.


This month, the state board of education passed a policy around a Continuous Learning Plan (i.e., CLP). This plan will ultimately drive what schools look like in the Fall. While we are uncertain of when school will start, please know that we are doing every thing within our authority to prepare for a safe and on schedule return, we must continue to observe guidance from the national, state and local levels.


Now, putting on my parent hat — my wife and I are facing the same struggle as many. Our jobs require us to report to work daily while we must decide what do we do with our son. So where does that leave us? Imagine that! You thought it was just hitting your house. I share all of that to say, I will always consider both sides, leader and parent, as I think through situations, issues and/or crises. In my past experiences as a superintendent and a parent of a child who experienced the life of public schools, families have appreciated my decisions around schools and students.


Please click the Roadmap link below to observe the latest information. Surveys will go offline this week and we will be providing an analysis of the results. Click here to take a look at guidance from the state as well.



JMCSS "New Normal" Road Map