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JMCSS Back to School Announcement

A Message from Superintendent Dr. Marlon King

It has been a humbling experience to see our Board, administration, staff, and community come together around our New Normal Initiative in reopening schools. While many throughout the nation have shared plans and dates for returning, we have approached our announcement slightly differently. We are working very deliberately to avoid sending mixed messages while making this initiative a true act of collaboration. I assured the Board during my interview that I would work to unify this community through transparency and collaboration. This effort is a clear example. After many conversations and observations of the critical data points, we have landed on a start date for school. Because it is essential that teachers are adequately prepared, we are recommending a two-week time frame beginning August 10. Therefore, students will return on August 24. Our compass remains - options and opportunities, so our students will have multiple paths to travel when deciding on how they want to re-enter school. Our paths are as follows:


  • Traditional Classroom
  • Virtual Classroom
  • Cyberschool (homeschool - all year)


We are launching our online pre-registration, next week, for those parents who have not registered. Also next week, parents who would like to choose the Virtual classroom setting or our Cyberschool, we will be able to begin that process. If you have already registered and you are not choosing any of the virtual options, then you are set and we look forward to seeing your child on August 24. As shared before, this pandemic has presented challenges and opportunities. To witness firsthand the unity that our community has demonstrated around a critical issue that is unfathomable and impressive. Although we realize that this plan is fluid and we must be flexible, we are cautiously optimistic that together we will get through this and our students will be stronger.


Now, I am sure that everyone is ready to dig into the details of what a day will look like. We will be uploading protocols and procedures to our Roadmap/School New Normal Initiative, so check there for the latest information. Go to and find "New Normal Initiative" at the top of the homepage.


I hope that it has clicked. Jackson-Madison County has a New Normal Initiative rather than a re-entry plan. The re-entry is just phase 1 of the new normal. Moving forward, we will have an opportunity to provide a service that could replace many of the challenges that our homeschool families experience; as that resource is a desire for many. Exciting days are ahead for the Jackson-Madison County School System and I am honored to be a part of this team and community.