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Transitional Return to In-Person Learning Begins Sept. 21

9/17 Update: Updates were made today to our back to school schedule for traditional students. At the conclusion of our three-week hybrid schedule, students who selected “in-person” instruction in July will be able to attend class 5-days per week beginning October 19th. This is for all grade levels.
*Students who selected the "virtual classroom" in July will have the option of switching to "in-person" instruction at the end of the first nine-weeks (October 26th).


JACKSON, Tenn. - The Jackson-Madison County School System is pleased to announce the return of in-person learning options for district families. After thoughtful collaboration among district principals, Dr. Marlon King’s executive team, and local health officials, JMCSS will begin a transitional approach to traditional instruction beginning Monday, September 21st.


“Given the fact that we’ve had students coming to campus on a hybrid model for several weeks, we feel very comfortable with some of the protocols we’ve already established. So we look forward to bringing more students to give us an opportunity to see what this looks like before we offer this option fulltime to our students,” said JMCSS Superintendent Dr. Marlon King.


At the conclusion of a three-week hybrid schedule, all students who opted for in-person instruction in August will be able to attend school for the rest of the semester - in-person; Monday through Thursday for middle and elementary school and Monday through Friday for high schools. Those parents who signed their students up for the virtual classroom option in July, will be required to continue those learning tracks until Monday, October 26th. After that time, you will have the option to switch to in-person learning should you choose.


“With the health officials’ blessings and context around what we’re doing and letting us know we're moving in the right direction, I think returning to in-person instruction is very important, Dr. King said. “When you experience trauma, you need to have a recovery period. This hybrid period and transitional return for our in-person students is a recovery for us.”


Please click this link to view the schedules for each grade band.