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2021-2022 FAQ for Health and Safety

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Disclaimer: JMCSS procedures related to health and safety are subject to change in relation to guidance from the Tennessee Department of Health, Tennessee Department of Education, and the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association. We will notify you if we are instructed to update our plans.


Q. Will masks be required this school year?

A. Masks will not be required; they will be optional based on your safety and comfort level. We will no longer enforce the wearing of masks or remind anyone to wear them properly. We will continue to monitor local COVID-19 data, as well as information and guidance from state health officials.


Q. Will there be any COVID vaccination requirements for students or employees?

A. No.


Q. Will temperatures still be taken?

A. No.


Q. What will quarantine requirements look like this school year?

A. Our Coordinated School Health team will address each situation as they arise. JMCSS follows guidance from the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department. As of July 13, fully vaccinated individuals are not required to be tested (in addition to not being required to quarantine) following exposure to a case, provided they remain asymptomatic. Non-household contacts must be quarantined after exposure* to a case, regardless of whether the case was symptomatic. TDH and CDC recommend a 14-day quarantine. Click here to see a complete list of regulations that have been provided by the Tennessee Department of Health.


Q. Will visitors be allowed in the school building?

A. Visitors will be allowed in the school building with limited restrictions. Visitors should contact schools in advance to schedule lunch visits or to volunteer.


Q. Will masks be required on the bus?

A. No, however, assigned seats will be required on the bus to assist with contact tracing efforts.


Q. Will schools start the year on a staggered schedule?

A. No. The only grades operating on an alternate schedule are PreK and Kindergarten classes (this is a common practice for PreK and Kindergarten)


Q. Will sporting events / large group events be regulated?

A. No, however, there will be limited restrictions for visitors during the school day. Visitors should contact schools in advance to schedule visits.


Q. Will there be social distancing? 

A. Although some schools may use distancing as a tool to limit the spread of germs in the classroom, social distancing will not be required at this time.


Q. Will the dress code be enforced this school year?

A. Student Dress code will be followed according to Board policy. See link for complete details >>>>