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Leap up for Literacy VIDEO: Mayor Scott Conger


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? 



 Top 7 ways families can Leap up for Literacy


1. Visit your local library with your family. In addition to books, find out about all the programming your library has to offer. You'd be surprise that many offer classes, workshops, movie nights, reading groups, and more for all ages on a vast variety of topics. 


2.  Join and participate in a book club or start a book club. Make it fun and get creative with your book club meeting by having activities or serve food related to the books your group is reading. 


3.  Try reading in a different format. If you are used to printed books, try reading via audiobooks or digital books. Many public libraries and universities have books that patrons can borrow digitally. You can download audiobooks and digital books to any smart device such as a phone, tablet, or laptop for free. 


4.  Donate books.  Everyone has at least a few books that they have read and that are now lying on a shelf somewhere in their home waiting for eager eyes to read them again.  Consider donating your gently used books to a local charity. Save the environment by also recycling damaged books rather than tossing them in the garbage.


5. Share the love and joy of reading. Volunteer to read to patients in the hospital, to children in preschool, or to the elderly in a nursing facility. It costs nothing to be kind and to share your time with those who could use your smile and an open book.  


6.  Write a note. Writing is a major part of literacy. Consider writing notes of appreciation, thanks, or love to the special people in your life. The recipient of such notes will appreciate the time and effort you took to hand-write it along with the sentiments you expressed.

7.  Read, read, and read some more. Read about any and everything that interests you.