• Rose Hill School is a Pre-K through Grade 8 Title I School. We are a newly developed school as a result of the closing of Beech Bluff Elementary School, Nova Elementary, and restructuring of schools in the Vision 2020 Plan. The students at Rose Hill will be served by highly qualified and effective teachers and support staff. Our commitment is to establish high academic standards and expectations for all students.

    School hours are from 8:15 a.m. until 3:15 p.m.


    Preparing students today to reach tomorrow’s challenges.


    The mission of Rose Hill School is to provide a quality education that prepares students both academically and personally to become independent and productive individuals in a diverse environment and to be successful at the next school level.


    At Rose Hill School we believe that:

    (1) Our school decisions are based on and driven by scientific-based research and test data gathered from all assessments.

    (2) Education is a continuous process involving students, parents and the community.

    (3) Every student’s education should include academic, social, physical, and moral growth.

    (4) The faculty and staff should challenge all students to think critically and creatively at every level.

    (5) We should provide a safe, clean and comfortable school environment for learning.

    (6) Teaching styles should address the learning styles of each student by using a variety of strategies, technology and various methods of instruction and assessments.

    (7) The faculty and staff should continue to grow professionally.

    (8) A strong relationship with open communication, both written and oral, shall exist between all stakeholders: the home, our school and the community.

    (9) We should manage fiscal and physical resources for all funding.



    (1) I can and will do what I am asked, the first time I am asked, by any adult in this school.

    (2) I can and I will RESPECT all people. I can and I will do good deeds and say good things.

    (3) I can and I will ask permission to speak or leave my seat.

    (4) I can and I will be prepared for class and do my best at all times.

    (5) I can and I will walk quietly from place to place, in a straight line.

    (6) I can and I will tell the truth at all times.