• Rose Hill School is proud to offer our Vex IQ robotics team and club, the Robo-Raiders! The Vex Robotics Club is open to scholars in grades 4-8, and encourages scholars to utilize the Engineering Design Process and problem-solve dynamic, exciting games. The goal is to build a robot or robots that can successfully scoop up enough green blocks to score. Every year the game changes, and teams must adjust their design for their robot to be successful at officially sanctioned robotics tournaments. Scholars are interviewed at tournaments regarding their designs, and must be prepared to defend their thinking and design choices. An Engineering notebook is kept to show judges in addition to the interviews, further documenting the design process. Scholars recently competed in the 6K Energy Vex IQ Tournament, hosted by JMCSS at Arlington Elementary, and were proud to place in the top 10 and bring home the Energy Award. Stay tuned for more updates soon! 

    For questions about how to support the Robo-Raiders, please reach out to Coach Chariot Dugger at cldugger@jmcss.org .

    Pictured: Drivers Derek Surratt and Ryker Anderson


Ms. Chariot Dugger is our Vex Robotics coach. For questions about robotics and how to get your scholar involved or support the team, please reach out to Ms. Dugger at her email below. cldugger@jmcss.org