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  • Students compete across a variety of sports throughout all seasons of the year. We have an exceptional team of coaches at Madison who invest their time in our students' athletic ability as well as building strong character.

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Sport Season Coach Contact Info Notes
Cross Country Fall Brian Buchholz bdbuchholz@jmcss.org
Football Fall Lester Narcisse ljnarcisse@jmcss.org Co-op with South Side High School
Golf Fall John Gollihugh jwgollihugh@jmcss.org
Soccer - Girls Fall Jeremy Young jdyoung@jmcss.org
Volleyball Fall Kelly Hytinen krhytinen@jmcss.org
Basketball - Boys Winter Andrew Hicks abhicks@jmcss.org
Basketball - Girls Winter Jen Hicks jmhicks@jmcss.org
Baseball Spring Chris Clark cdclark@jmcss.org
Soccer - Boys Spring Jeremy Young jdyoung@jmcss.org
Softball Spring Audra Yates alyates@Jmcss.org
Tennis Spring Josh Ward
Track & Field Spring Brian Buchholz bdbuchholz@jmcss.org
Cheerleading Sara Billingsley Sdbillingsley@jmcss.org