Climate and Culture Beliefs and Values

  • 1. We seek to make employees feel valued, supported, respected and cared for by treating everyone equitably, encouraging positive thinking, and celebrating our successes and accomplishments. 


    2. We encourage trust in all employees by supporting them in owning mistakes when they occur, and listening to concerns, problems, and failures. 


    3. We share a sense of purpose and high expectations for all students and staff members, manifested through a common goal of pursuing excellence and measuring our progress toward established goals. 


    4. We create opportunities for creativity and networking across the district by encouraging open communication and sharing of ideas.


    5. All employees of the Jackson-Madison County School System are invited and expected to voice their opinions, suggestions, and concerns in order to help the district create, promote, and sustain a culture that is open and receptive to feedback.


    6. All of our decisions are made based on what is in the best interest of our students.  


    Click here for a printable version of our Climate and Culture Beliefs and Values.